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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Working in the Garage

A couple weekends ago, Matt was home on a rare Friday.  We spent the whole day enjoying the beautiful weather outside and helping Matt build a solar water heater for the pool.  Ava and I repotted a new flower for outside our front door and Matt put all his creative effort into warming up our pool early.

In the course of all the trips to Lowes for this project, we also discovered the greatest, cheapest toddler toy ever.  PVC!  Whole bags of connectors for a couple dollars and 6 feet of PVC for a dollar.  Yay for cheap building toys!

The PVC fun also led to the discovery of a strange Ava behavior.  Build PVC into a cross, hold it in front of her, and she does this...every time.


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Stephen-Susan said...

Okay, I have to know about the PVC cross. I was checking for more of those "manna for starving grandparents" pictures, and now I have to know how the cross thing started! Too funny!