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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cutting Teeth

Living with a toddler cutting 4 molars...

...is like living with a bi-polar elf.

Thank goodness she's cute.

Friday, February 27, 2009


Cloth diapering just got a whole lot easier in this house.  What a great way to start the weekend.  :-)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Because we've been so blessed...

I don't do email forwards.  I try not to get caught up in the story of the day.  But, today, I read the blog of a friend who had shared the link to another family's blog.  (This is what happens...you link and link and link and then you're somewhere.  You don't even realize how you got there.)  Anyway, turns out the story was about a Kansas family who had just lost their 11 month old daughter to cancer.  So, so sad.  I'm tying myself to my chair to keep from climbing in Ava's crib with her for naptime.

You'll find the family's story here.  Then, go here to see all the wonderful items available on Etsy to support their efforts to build a playground in their daughter's memory.

I'll be thinking of this family a lot in the coming days and weeks.  I also know I'll be holding Ava closer to my heart - she is a gift.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dancing Partner

Ava's got a new dancing partner.  She discovered her shadow tonight and spent the better part of an hour walking up and down the hall dancing with her.  Cute stuff.

On another note, we went for her 15 month well-baby today.  She's just perfect.  She weighed in at 23lbs, 4oz, and was 32in tall.  That puts her in the 50th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height.  She's also cutting four molars, all at once.  If it weren't for that, she'd be feeling great, I think.  At least she's got a new buddy to play with as she grows!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Catching Up

So, it's been just a little while since I've updated here.  First off, thanks for all the kind comments on my last post.  She's a sweetie.  But, just in case anyone doubts the reality, that afternoon she was a total terror.  Luckily, even the terrifying days can be kind of funny.  See?

Things have been pretty busy here.  Matt's working his butt off at work, although he's been home more nights a week lately than previously.  He gets home for sure on Tuesdays and Thursdays to pick up Ava while I'm in class and then they get to play and do bathtime together.  He always gets her all done up after a bath...and he remembers to take pictures.  Isn't she cute?

Of course, Daddy dressing can also turn out like this...you're seeing that right, her pants are tucked into her socks.

We had a really nice Valentine's Day around here.  Instead of the camping trip we expected to take with the Hoffmans, we decided to swap date nights.  Given the weather that weekend, it was probably the wiser choice.  We're looking forward to the camping, though, sometime in this beautiful spring weather I just know is on the way.  So, we got to go to dinner and see He's Just Not That Into You.  Super cute.  Of course, we didn't get pictures of ourselves that night, but here's a cutie of our littlest valentine on the big day.

And here's that sweetest of hearts in a less ladylike pose...

See Libby there, waiting intently?  She does a lot of that.  Especially now that Ava has these new snack bowls.  They've got it all worked out, see.  Ava gets the fun of pulling the animal crackers out of the bowl and Libby gets the fun of eating them.  At least she's patient about it.

In addition to all our professional goals, Matt and I have decided to set a few fitness goals also.  We're working on the P90X plan (maybe you've seen the infomercials) and are just completing our first week of twelve.  The good news is, we're setting a great example for Ava.  See...she already knows how to stand at the end of her mat and "show up and press play."

And, finally, to sum up this marathon of a blog post, we went to the park yesterday in Boulder City.  Cutest little town.  Maybe I'll try to get us to move there before we leave here.  We'll be due for a move in about 12 weeks anyway.  :-)  Regardless, Ava had a great time climbing up stairs and sliding down the slide.

Whew.  That was a long one.  Anyway, if you made it this far...good job!!  I'd offer you a cookie, but we don't have any anymore.  Instead, here's another little video, although I'm pretty sure it'll only interest the grandparents.  :-)  Have a happy week, friends!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dearest Ava,

Today, just now, there are things I want to remember about you as a 14 (almost 15!) month old toddler.  Since I'm not the kind of mama to keep a journal or a baby book (although I wish I was!), I thought I'd write them here.  I have hope that the Internet will still be around when I want to remember these things later, I guess.

-I love that you think you're hot stuff because you can walk backwards, creep really, into anything you want.

-You think you're cool because you can turn in a circle.

-You like to smash Cheerios with the bottom of your juice cup.  You also like to make the tray bounce and send them all over the floor.  Libby has gained two pounds due to your efforts.

-You use your timeout spot as a place to just take a moment and get under control.

-You want to sit in the grown up recliners...by yourself, no adults touching the chair.

-Your favorite book is I am a Bunny and you can point to birds, ducks, flowers, and monarch butterflies (thanks to Daddy for that last one).

-You now only take one nap a day.  Today it was three hours long.  Welcome, toddlerhood.

-Apple slices are merely vehicles for peanut butter.

-You love animal crackers.  You love broccoli more.  

-You have very few words yet, you sing.

-You respond to two songs...Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Chicken Dance.

-When you sleep and get all sweaty, your hair almost curls around your face.  This only happens at naptime.  Your nighttime sleep is so peaceful and deep your hair is straight and flat every morning.  I'm certain you'll curse it when you grow up.  

-The back of your hair does the weird swoopy thing mine does.  You'll curse that too.

-You have a tiny little face and perfect skin.  You look just like a little dolly.  You're beautiful.

-You're stubborn, ornery, and really funny.  You actually have a sense of humor.  Right now, it's mostly of the physical variety, but I'm sure you'll grow into sarcasm soon.  

-When I leave you at Sarah's you cry.  By the time I pick you up, you're so over it, you don't necessarily want to leave.

-When we get home, you stand inside the garage door and wait for Libby to come meet us.  You squeal her name and give her hugs.  You make that "tickle, tickle" sound as you scratch her neck.  You are good pals to each other.

Every day you are so different, it's a challenge to keep up with you.  Thanks for taking me and Daddy on the ride.  We do love you so.


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The post in which I will say it with pictures.

Grandmom's are cool.  They share Cheerios.

All the excitement around here is really starting to wear Libby out.

Yep, she is truly Matt's child.  Of course, some genetics on the Renfro side may also be a factor.

Sure wish she'd had a bucket on her head when she decided to topple over onto the sidewalk at the park...probably wouldn't have cut her lip so badly.

Drinking milk from a big girl cup is messy...but really fun.

Don't say it.  She is not, in fact, a big girl.  Don't let the pigtails fool you.  

See...she still eats shoes.

But there is wisdom in that smirk, I think.

No matter how big she thinks she is, though, this is the only driving she'll be doing for a while.

Because, after all, the following is still a very accurate representation of her day-to-day activities.