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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dearest Ava,

Today, just now, there are things I want to remember about you as a 14 (almost 15!) month old toddler.  Since I'm not the kind of mama to keep a journal or a baby book (although I wish I was!), I thought I'd write them here.  I have hope that the Internet will still be around when I want to remember these things later, I guess.

-I love that you think you're hot stuff because you can walk backwards, creep really, into anything you want.

-You think you're cool because you can turn in a circle.

-You like to smash Cheerios with the bottom of your juice cup.  You also like to make the tray bounce and send them all over the floor.  Libby has gained two pounds due to your efforts.

-You use your timeout spot as a place to just take a moment and get under control.

-You want to sit in the grown up recliners...by yourself, no adults touching the chair.

-Your favorite book is I am a Bunny and you can point to birds, ducks, flowers, and monarch butterflies (thanks to Daddy for that last one).

-You now only take one nap a day.  Today it was three hours long.  Welcome, toddlerhood.

-Apple slices are merely vehicles for peanut butter.

-You love animal crackers.  You love broccoli more.  

-You have very few words yet, you sing.

-You respond to two songs...Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Chicken Dance.

-When you sleep and get all sweaty, your hair almost curls around your face.  This only happens at naptime.  Your nighttime sleep is so peaceful and deep your hair is straight and flat every morning.  I'm certain you'll curse it when you grow up.  

-The back of your hair does the weird swoopy thing mine does.  You'll curse that too.

-You have a tiny little face and perfect skin.  You look just like a little dolly.  You're beautiful.

-You're stubborn, ornery, and really funny.  You actually have a sense of humor.  Right now, it's mostly of the physical variety, but I'm sure you'll grow into sarcasm soon.  

-When I leave you at Sarah's you cry.  By the time I pick you up, you're so over it, you don't necessarily want to leave.

-When we get home, you stand inside the garage door and wait for Libby to come meet us.  You squeal her name and give her hugs.  You make that "tickle, tickle" sound as you scratch her neck.  You are good pals to each other.

Every day you are so different, it's a challenge to keep up with you.  Thanks for taking me and Daddy on the ride.  We do love you so.



Sarah said...

Thanks for making the tired pregnant lady cry at 10:30 at night! Oh, wow, Sally, that was great...I just feel so blessed to be a part of her life, she really is a kindred spirit, a total joy to be around. We love you too Ava!

Gary and Rhonda said...

What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful little person. I can see so much of Ava in every note you made!!

Amanda said...

That is very sweet! You should print that out to keep (just in case the internet is no longer existent).

Stephen-Susan said...

Print out your first diary entry and all that follow, because contrary to "GhostBusters", print is not dead. Your words are now loving memory which will spring to life again and again with each new reading.

Ava is a cutie. Give her a big hug for us. Love, Steve and Sue

Tricia said...

Sally you have inspired me to do the same! It's amazing how fast they are changing!