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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Two Passports to the Republic of Texas

I know, I know, I know…this post is WAY over due. (28 days overdue for those of you who may have been counting.) Ava and I visited San Antonio just over a month ago so that Ava could spend some quality time with her Grandparents and Great-Grandparents before she grows up and moves off to college. Unfortunately, Sally had to remain in Vegas and go to work, so Ava and I travelled to San Antonio—just the two of us. Ava and I missed having Sally with us on the trip, but the trip was a nice opportunity for Ava and I to get to know each other. The first stop on the trip was of course the “Big House” at Air Force Village II for dinner with Mahgie and Poppie. The following day Mom and Dad hosted a party so the Great-grandchildren could meet each other (and be photographed together.)

The party was good fun and I think that everyone would agree that the fajitas were spectacular!

August in San Antonio is hot and humid! Much of the time, Ava enjoyed relaxing in the pool, playing in the sprinkler, and blowing bubbles in the backyard at Grandma & Grandpa’s house.

During our visit to San Antonio, Mahgie and Poppie were gracious hosts to Ava and I for an overnight stay at Air Force Village. Ava and I had a great time playing at the AFV—there’s a pond near Mahgie and Poppie’s bungalow with a walking path. In the morning, we all went for a walk to feed the fish; Ava made sure to remind us of the importance of pausing to smell the flowers along the way.

Stopping to smell the flowers

Mahgie and Poppie's 65th Wedding Anniversary Tree

Feeding the Fish

The heat and humidity kept us all inside most of the week playing either McDonald’s or Fischer-Price Little People. The F-P Little People Farm Ava was playing with was the same farm I played with when I was her age. Of course, there really is no substitute (at home or on the road) for casting a toy aside in favor of its packaging. In the end, I think Ava settled on the VW Beetle car as her favorite San Antonio toy. (I’d have to agree with Ava. If I recall, the VW car was the source of many sibling scuffles between Maureen, Michael, and me.)

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Sarah said...

Matt that is so cool that you got to take a trip just the two of you...too bad you got sick, I'm sure it would have been much more enjoyable!