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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

TPS 07B Mini Reunion

The Jungquists drove to town on Saturday to catch a flight for a family Christmas get-together. We met up for dinner that night at the Hoffmans and had a great time. We got a call from Grabber at about 8:30 on the night they were to depart looking for some room in the inn. Due to the major storms all over the eastern part of the country, their flight was cancelled and they were delayed until Tuesday. So, we got a mini MOTO/Bond girl reunion fun for a few days. (Dave decided it was a worthy occasion to crack open some MOTO graduation wine.)
With four kiddos in this house, we stayed very busy. We went on an afternoon picnic.
We watched Christmas movies.
We tormented the dog, made lots of very loud noise, and played super-silly games.
We made and sugared Christmas cookies.
We nursed babies and then dressed them up like silly Christmas elves.
Then, the babies spit up everywhere.
So much fun! Thanks for visiting guys!

1 comment:

Gary and Rhonda said...

I hope a bit of the sugar ended up on cookies! Looks like a fun visit!