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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fun in the Snow

We headed up to Mt. Charleston yesterday for some wintertime fun. They've got about five feet of snow up there and so, after gathering some winter gear for the munchkin, we went to go introduce Ava to the snow. She loved it.

Mobility was a bit of an issue since she was bundled to within an inch of her life and the snow was so powdery that you would just sink into it. Since she couldn't walk much, she got around pretty good on Daddy's shoulders.

We tried to make some snowmen, but this desert snow doesn't actually have much moisture in it and it wouldn't stick.

Instead, we taught Ava to make snow angels.

And then we fed her some snow. She didn't like getting her face in the snow at first, but she was thirsty enough from all her exertions that she got used to the idea pretty quickly.

Midway through our visit, Ava got pretty fussy. That meant it was snack time. We got unbundled and had a PBJ picnic in the back of the van. That was almost as popular of an activity as the snow play.

And here's proof we were all there together and we liked it. :-)

Videos of the trip:

Ava getting out into the snow for the first time:

Sledding down the hill with Daddy:

Matt sledding down the hill (and almost killing some passersby):


Gary and Rhonda said...

What fun!! The first snow she is old enough to remember is great! It is so cool that even there in the desert, you get to play in the snow!

Jenny said...

Your desert baby has played in more snow now than either of my mid west babies! This year at least! Oh how I am longing for a good snow! Guranteed it will happen when Mike is at SOS and I'll be snowed in by myself!