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Friday, February 05, 2010

Honey Honey Princess

Last summer, we signed up for Netflix and one of the first movies we got was Mamma Mia. Matt and I realized that we didn't have nearly enough ABBA in our music collection. Fast forward to Christmas and now we have more ABBA in our music collection that one family probably should.

All that to say that we played a lot of the Mamma Mia soundtrack there for a while and now Ava's favorite song is ABBA's "Honey, Honey," performed by Amanda Seyfried. We have a nightly dance party to this song and have recently had to institute a two-play maximum for the song - just to save the sanity of any adults in the house.

Since this is such a defining moment in our day (it's the lead up to playing chase and hide-and-go-seek for the next half hour) we thought we'd share our ABBA inspired dinner and dance routine.



Gary and Rhonda said...

Ava sure knows how to use the skirt to "twirl!"

Gary and Rhonda said...

I am glad we got to see these earlier. They have not been working for several days, now. I wish I had an answer for you.

Gary and Rhonda said...

And then, just like that, they work!