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Monday, March 09, 2009

Bike Ride

Finally bit the bullet and bought a bike for myself.  Didn't manage to get a picture of that.  

We also bought a rickshaw-type thing to haul Ava around in.  Managed to get pictures of that.  :-)

She was set-up like a queen in there with a blanket, milk, snack, dolly, pacifier...the whole smash.  Her helmet didn't fit so great...we're returning it and will get another.  Overall, she liked the ride.  It was, though, pretty windy and colder by the minute.  We'll go earlier in the day next time and she'll do just fine.

By the way, the rickshaw will carry two passengers.  So so so tempted to put Libby in, too.  Think she'd like it?  :-)

Oh yeah, she liked it.  :-)


Sarah said...

Yeah, two passengers, as in, perhaps Ava needs a little brother or sister to join her? ;)

Carrie said...

Our kids sill love ours - too bad they get heavier with age. Just a better work out! I bet Libby would love it! I want to see pics of that!