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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Us, as Martha Stewart

Things have been busy around here this weekend! We've been crafting, cooking, and tinkering up a storm.

First, our new TV antenna arrived on Friday. Since we were home with the day off, Matt spent the afternoon getting it hooked up and tuned in. We're now the proud viewers of 6 crystal-clear TV stations! The really interesting thing is that the 3-foot metal antenna is in the closet in the office. Yep. Lots and lots of swearing was required to get that in place and working. :-)

While Matt worked on that and Ava napped, I got to sewing. Our outdoor seat cushions were a total mess and really needed to be replaced. Since they're so expensive, I decided I could make them on my own. A quick-ish trip to JoAnn's and I was on my way. I cut-out and sewed together 8 new seat cushions. I also made two patchwork quilt beds for Libby. It's so hot here that she never slept in her other beds. These help her keep cool, but are still cozy.

Ava stayed busy too...she's perfecting her strut in Mommy's heels.

We've got more projects coming up this summer. Looking forward to all the creativity!


Jenny said...

I've been wanting to make Coaly a bed but I haven't found the time or energy. Look's like Libby loves her new cozy bed.

Gary and Rhonda said...

New Cushions! I will have to ask advice about fabrics, patterns, etc. Yours look really good!