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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Ava @ 20 Months

Ava turned 20 months last week. It seems that each passing month brings so much more independence and vocabulary with it. It's nice to know that our baby is growing into a truly wonderful and funny little girl but, looking back, it all seems to have gone so quickly.

Subversive propaganda T-shirt from Uncle Michael

Ava is becoming quite the independent little girl. She walks into school by herself now and greets everyone she meets on the way in. She leads the way to her classroom and is very happy to see Miss Kristin every morning. Drop-offs are a breeze these days and it's such a relief to know that she enjoys her time there. We bring home Ava's artwork about once a week and she's very proud of her creations. We hang a couple pieces in the living room and she likes to go point to it and say "Art. Ava." I love that she feels pride for doing things well.

Opening presents from Bama & Bampa Caspers.

Ava is also becoming quite a good little helper...as long as you have the timeline to let her. She enjoys picking things up and putting them back in their homes. She also enjoys wiping things with a dustrag. She's a very orderly little person and is proud when she cleans things up. No idea where she could have picked up a piece of genetics like that (wink, wink).

Sesame Street has become a morning staple in our house and gives Mommy and Daddy a little transition time on those 6am weekend mornings. (Thank goodness for the new Tivo and weeks' worth of saved episodes!) However, on the one Saturday morning Matt did sleep in, our early riser requested Star Trek. She watched half an episode before requesting a switch to Sesame Street. I think Matt's heart broke a little when he learned he'd slept through that.

Strutting in Mommy's heels.

Imaginative play has come to live at our house, as well. Ava and I spent a while playing "time out" a few days ago. I was the misbehaving child and she was the mommy. Pretty funny to see yourself acted out through the lens of a toddler. Ava also likes to share her milk and her hugs with all the stuffed dolls and animals hanging around in her playroom. Recently, after finishing reading a book, she pretended that Elmo was reading it and helped him hold the book in his hands.

Although we've been battling colds and ear infections the last couple of weeks, Matt and I keep remarking that this is a really fun age. Ava is communicative, independent and just a tiny bit stubborn. But, she's also very sweet and snuggly still. We don't take any toddler hugs for granted, though, as we know that could change at any moment. Her musicality hasn't waned much and we have regular dance parties in the guest room and, increasingly, listen to her sing her own tune from the backseat of the van. Love this little girl!

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