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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Little Update

We're long overdue for an update here in blogland, but I figured Matt ought to write about his and Ava's trip to Texas. Look for that soon. I was busy here, but didn't do anything that merited picture-taking. :-)

Until we get that post up and going, here are a few videos from dinner today which are mildly entertaining.

This one is long, but hang in there, she's a real drama queen toward the end.

Such a polite girl...and just tickled about it.

Bye-Bye. Love you.


Gary and Rhonda said...

She is talking so much! The Bye-Bye, Love you is priceless!!! What a big girl!

Sarah said...

Talk about flashbacks, that is exactly how Grace used to say "Love you"...can't believe she's nearing her 2nd birthday!

Kate said...

OH MY GOSH - she's huge! And, tooooooo cute! I loved the first video, but "love you" was awesome! :)