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Thursday, November 26, 2009


After Ava's birthday, it was time to coast into Thanksgiving celebrations. We love to cook Thanksgiving dinner and really enjoy having a houseful of people on this very fun day.
On Wednesday, known around here as Pie Day, we cooked nonstop to get all the side dishes ready for Thursday as well as the pies, of course. Per White family tradition, Pie Day usually ends with an enchilada meal, but this year, since Matt wouldn't be home to make them, we opted to make a Renfro family traditional meal - pizza!
Thursday was a beautiful day and, thanks to all the help, dinner was a breeze to put on the table. In fact, we had enough time to do some playing around before all the eating began.
We're a very blessed family and one of our biggest blessings is the people with whom we get to share our time. Love these people...we're so very thankful.

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Maureen said...

i love the picutre of ava leaning against the wall! she is just too cool! :)