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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ten on Tuesday (The Wednesday Edition)

Sorry for the lag in posts....here's 10 to make up for the time.  :-)

1.  How about that America, huh?  Whether we all agree or not, power has once again transferred peacefully between two leaders who share little more, politically, than a great love of our country and our freedom.  Isn't it amazing?  Love it.

2.  John P. Casey is back on this side of the Atlantic.  Very exciting stuff.  Even better, he came to visit for the long weekend.  There was a lot of Wii Star Wars being played and a lot of just hanging around.  It looked a lot like this...

3.  And sounded a lot like this...

4.  Ava got to go pick out her first toy.  She got a gift card from her Uncle Wes for her birthday and we've just gotten around to taking her to the store.  She's now got her first ride-on toy, a turtle, and she loves it.  She can get on and off by herself, but needs about one more inch to get it moving by herself.  So, we've turned it into an adult pull toy...

5.  When we got to this house, our hot water heater needed to be replaced.  We managed to get that done about four months after we got here.  It was then that we realized that the water softner was leaking too.  Thanks to having a knacky husband and a great idea about using boat sealant (Thanks, Dad!), we were able to take it apart, patch it up, and save ourselves $1000.  Gotta love knacky husbands.

6.  Our good friends, the Hoffmans, are expecting a second child at the end of August or so.  We're so excited for them and can't wait to meet their new little one!

7.  Speaking of the Hoffmans, Sarah is out of town this week, so we're short one (fabulous!) childcare provider.  Luckily, my mom was planning a trip out here at some point in January anyway and was able to come stay with us for the week.  Gotta love parents who help out in a pinch.

8.  When Grandma is here, Ava gets lots of spoiling.  Unfortunately, since Mom and Ava are here by themselves most of the time, their visit together hasn't been as well documented as it should be.  Gotta love self-portraits.

Like that bruise on Ava's head?  She really smacked her head on the coffee table this week. Gotta love toddlerhood.

9.  This seems to have been one of the longer weeks on record.  Cannot wait for Friday.  Cannot. wait.

10.  And this about sums it up.  Just when you think you're too tired for it all, something really makes you laugh.

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Carrie said...

Love it all! Ava is growing up so fast! Make her stop!!!