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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I started back to work today.  Why is that I always feel behind when I've been away from work, even when I left things to be picked up right on time when I got back?

2.  Ava woke up with a fever and cough today.  Hopefully, the Motrin knocked that right out.  

3.  Bless Sarah Hoffman for taking in sick children with unbalanced pigtails.

This photo isn't from today, but you get the idea...

4.  Matt built us a new TV stand over the Christmas break.  We put it in the house yesterday.  It's beautiful and perfect and we both love it.  Here it is in all its glory...

5.  Since we've started this blog, we say the word "blogworthy" at least 10 times a day in our house.  For example, the TV stand goes in the house, I take pictures of Matt standing next to it and he says, "It's great, isn't it?  But is it blogworthy?"

6.  It's cold in Vegas these days.  The sun is deceptively bright, but there's just no heat coming from it.

7.  I'm moving to a new office for work tomorrow.  Thus, I really do have to sort all the paper I've got stashed in this desk...just so it doesn't, you know, blow away when I'm walking across the sidewalk.  Exciting times!

8.  Ava likes to play chase.  As in, she runs away from you and you stomp your feet on the tile behind her.  Her little baby running stride isn't really a match for a regular mommy step.

9.  Baby socks in our house must be fabric painted.  Otherwise, she runs around looking like Bambi on ice all day.

10.  So very glad that classes don't start until next week.  Easing into this whole reality thing is definitely the way to go.  


Sarah said...

Hilarious Sally :) I had to giggle at the unbalanced pigtails one...only Ava can pull that off, I didn't even notice but when I just read that, yep, I laughed...what you didn't mention that is DEFINITELY blogworthy is that you know you guys must really love my husband to have forgiven him for DROPPING THE TV ON THE NEW TV STAND THAT MATT JUST FINISHED BUILDING...now that's true friendship :)

Gary and Rhonda said...

The pictures are great, but the baby doesn't look so much like a baby, anymore!!!!

The TV cabinet is great! Good Job, Matt.

Kristin Hort said...

Matt really built that TV stand? Yep, he really came from RPI.

That Bambi comment was too funny.

Josh is off to Las Vegas next week. I'm stuck in Maxwell, otherwise it would have been so nice to see you guys.

Amanda said...

Matt, that TV stand looks great! Camden said I wish my Daddy could build like that!

Good luck going back to classes this week, Sally!

Tell Ava we said hi (even though she has no idea who we are anymore!).