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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Warrior: Office Organization

The dawning of a new year has left me feeling the need to finally get organized.  It could also be that I'm a champion procrastinator and realized that my break before classes and papers begin again is nearly over.  Whatever it is, I've finally tackled some of the scariest organizational challenges in our house.  

Our DVD collection has become astronomical and we were out of places to store all those cases.  Now that we have the new TV stand and got that part of the house all prettied up, it just didn't seem right to make a new mess by putting an ugly bookshelf full of DVDs right next to it...plus, I needed the storage space in our coffee table for new board games received for Christmas.  Enter DVD sleeves and binders.  I removed all the DVDs from their cases, saved the cover art/information, and alphabetized them into 4 binders.  We still have a bookshelf full of DVDs because of TV shows and special sets, but this is so much better.

The second task was to organize the closet in the office where we keep all the office supplies, computer stuff, and my craft/sewing stuff.  All this stuff used to live in a closet in our house at Edwards we referred to as "the closet of death."  While nothing threatened to fall on your head when we crammed it all in here, we still couldn't ever find anything and, in general, it was a real mess.  So with the help of these and my new labelmaker, we're now organized to within an inch of our lives.  

Here's the before...

And here's the after...

Really loving this.  Just a couple more things to get cleared up and then we're really ready for a new start to a new year.  Two weeks late isn't bad....:-)

Have a great week everyone!

1 comment:

Gary and Rhonda said...

Good Job! This must have looked like a monumental task to start! I have a few places I should put you in charge of, except your first move would probably to "toss" and then store!!! :)