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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Busy Baby

Matt took a couple days to build two new computers, so the kitchen was pretty much off-limits to Ava and I during their construction. (I painted the office on Saturday, so the house was all kinds of a mess.) So, I pulled out all the stops to keep the kid occupied while she was awake. We colored, we played with homemade play-doh, we played outside on the turtle and the tricycle, and then it was time for the last ditch effort....shaving cream.

Ava had a pretty good time, but instead of smearing it around on the table, she was all about smearing it all over herself. This coincided with a desired to spread all things creamy on herself - yogurt, peanut butter, and refried beans to mention a few.

Anyway, that weekend we learned that a busy baby = a happy baby. But we'll need to stock up on shaving cream!

After all the excitement, we resorted to dressing up. First Ava in her daddy's new t-shirt, then Libby in a necklace. Good thing Libby's such a patient pooch!

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Jenny said...

We resort to shaving cream pretty much on a daily basis and it never seems to get old. There is a closet in our house that always has at least 5 can of shaving cream on stand by. Looks like she was loving it! And I like your flower headband, by the way.