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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Grand Visit

We were delighted to play host to Matt's parents and sister for a week. While I had to go to work a few days while they were here, Matt was able to stay home and we all had a regular vacation for several days over the weekend.

Ava loved having a never-ending supply of book readers and was delighted with the new armadillo book Grandma and Grandpa brought. She learned three new animals from that book...'dillo, sssssnake, and 'gator. She doesn't let you read the words, but really likes to touch the textured pages.

Auntie Moe was here too and was sure a big hit. She quickly received a name from Ava and spent the week being called "Mutt." Not sure how the little one came up with that, but Maureen was an indulgent aunt and answered to the new moniker.

On Saturday, we went to Boulder City to ride the train. It was just as fun as we remembered, although a little more windy!

After our train ride, we went to El Torito for lunch. Since we had a whole group of Texans along, I'm pleased to report that the enchiladas are indeed up to their high standards!

We spent every naptime watching movies and then spent every afternoon in the pool. We ate TONS of great food and really felt like we were on vacation....all in our own house.

Thanks, Grandma, Grandpa, and Maureen for visiting! We had a great time!

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Gary and Rhonda said...

Aunt Mutt, huh? Sounds like how Monica became Monkey.