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Monday, June 29, 2009

Little Swimmer

On Father's Day, Ava learned how to swim. We had been in the pool every afternoon for several days because we had grandparents in town, and Matt and I had gone to K-mart to invest in some new pool toys. We had been talking that Ava needed some sort of flotation suit to give her (us, really) a little more freedom in the water.

Well, we found a winner of a suit and after two-days' practice, Ava was motoring around the pool like a pro! She's quite daring now and it's great that she's getting to be so independent...safely!


Gary and Rhonda said...

That pool will provide hours of fun for everyone, now that Ava can play and learn to navigate without being held all the time. What fun!!!

Sarah said...

That is hysterical! Her little legs moving a mile a minute!!

Jenny said...

She's a little fish!