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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Catching up

So, just catching up on archiving the latest photos and had a few to share.

Here's Ava in a super-cute skirt that Mom and I made for her.  I did the applique flower.  It's so cute it almost looks store-bought!  She pretty much wears it every time it's clean.  You probably remember seeing it here.  Wonder if she would choose it for herself?

We have an old digital camera that doesn't really work anymore, so we turned it into a toy.  Ava discovered it on the day I had emptied her toybox to stain it and played with it for about an hour.  She just seems to like the shutter-click sound it makes.  Probably because it seems so natural to her due to all the documentation of her life thus far....

Finally, Ava likes to turn on Jack FM in the guest room when she's upstairs.  In this particular series, she was working some wicked cool moves.  (Really, I think she was practicing jumping, but I wasn't there and Matt called it dancing.  Whatevs.)

Yep, this girl knows how to work it.  :-)

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Sarah said...

Grace LOVED the set of four pictures!