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Friday, May 15, 2009

Going on a Mission...

...start the countdown!

Because of Ava's nebulizer treatments, we had to hook her on TV to keep her still. As I've mentioned, we ended up with Little Einsteins. Who knew that an on-a-whim purchase in Kmart would end up so dramatically affecting our lives??

Anyway, these cartoon characters are powerful. They hold the attention of our 18-month old like you wouldn't believe. Serious zombie eyes. But, now that she's not on the meds anymore, she can actually interact with the show too. She sings along to the intro and closing songs (video of that as soon as I can catch it!), pats her lap to give Rocket more power and can pat to a beat all the way to presto. I guess if she has to be hooked on something, it might as well be something she could learn a few things from.

Ava and Grace watched Little Einsteins a couple of weeks ago during a nebulizer treatment. Grace was just as enthralled as Ava. I think we'll be seeing a lot of Little Einsteins in the next few years!

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