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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Matt Turns 29

A little over a week ago, Matt had a birthday. We were on the road on his real birthday, but got to do some celebrating the week before, the day before and the day after. :-) I think we got it covered.

On the Friday before, Matt and I had a whole date day to celebrate. We went to breakfast at the Bellagio, to see the new Star Trek movie on the IMAX and then to dinner at the Melting Pot with the Hoffmans. Amazingly fun times.

Then, on the birthday eve, we went to a Las Vegas 51s baseball game. We were able to meet up with lots of other friends and had a joint celebration of Matt & Dave's birthdays.

Since we were leaving on his actual birthday, Matt got to open his presents early. The following is separated by about a week, but really shows that the kid's got a really one track mind. It's all about putting a tent in the house. Oy. Good thing I think he's great. :-) Happy Birthday, Matt!

So, after we got back from our trip on Saturday, we just had to put the tent up in the living room.

In the end, the tent was a big hit and we had a great time playing in it. Can't wait for our first camping trip with it!


Sarah said...

Holy cow, now THAT is a tent...that's the kind of tent I want to go camping in!! Hook me up Sally, where'd you get it?

Sally said...

Here's the link.


I thought this was one with a divider to make it two rooms...maybe would have preferred that. If that feature interests you, check out the Sycamore also. :-)

Brianne said...

that tent will fit mighty fine on my land when you come camping with me this summer.