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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Thanks so much for all your concern about Ava last week.  She's doing much better.  We kept her home for all of last week, but she went back to school yesterday.

2. Back to school was rough yesterday because I disrupted her day with a nebulizer treatment.  Thank goodness for really understanding, caring teachers.  We called the doc and got the ok for only three treatments a day.  No more disruptions to the daycare routine.

3.  Even though we've been filling the girl up with meds, she's been a pretty content kid.  She's also added a new word to her vocabulary...movie.  She will hold absolutely still for a thirty minute treatment.  It's like magic.

4.  To Ava, movie (weevee) means one thing.  Little Einsteins.

5.  Neither Matt nor I can sleep without dreaming about the treasure behind the little red door or cheering "Ra, ra, ra for rocket!"  

6.  We have a DVD player in the new van.  Ava now knows it exists.  "We're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship!"

7.  Speaking of trip...Can't wait for our roadtrip to Kansas!

8.  Ava's illness didn't keep us from having a great time this weekend.  We went swimming in our pool on Friday afternoon and had a blast.  Ava wasn't so sure about the water at first, but went through all of last summer's phases in about 30 minutes.  Now the problem is that, every time the cover is pulled back, she wants to get in.  I see a long summer of fun in our future!

9.  Saturday night, the Hoffmans were camping at Lake Mead.  (Crazy Sarah, this was her Mother's Day choice.  7 months pregnant, camping in 100 degrees.  That girl is adventurous!)  We were invited to come along for all the cookout, lakeside fun.   Ava felt well enough to play by the lake and made a great effort toward getting all the mud on the shore back into the water.

Yep, that's snot and mud covering her face.  Who says I can't let go and let her have fun?

Thank goodness David was willing to give her a lake bath.

Of course, we didn't plan on this, so she didn't have any clean clothes for the rest of the night.  Considering the heat, I don't think she minded.

10.  On Sunday, we celebrated a really nice Mother's Day.  Now that I have one of these, all my hard work will actually pay off.  Yay!

Have a great week, everyone!


Debbie and Kirt said...

Glad Ava is feeling better.

Carrie said...

So happy that Ava is on the mend! And watch out - having a Dyson is addicting!

Sarah said...

OMG, I TOTALLY noticed your very clean, freshly-vacuumed floors when we were there yesterday! No idea you had a Dyson!!!!

Tricia said...

Dysons ROCk!!! and they are very addicting! :) Happy vaccuming!